A Generative Engine for Mobile Games with vvvv and vvvv.js

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David Gann.  000.graphics, artist, developer and designer. Berlin.

We present a game production pipeline and engine that is designed to produce isometric mobile games in an entirely generative way.

The Engine is divided in two parts:
1) Asset pre-production server application based on vvvv with DirectX11
2) Game client mobile or browser application based on vvvv.js with HTML5/CSS/WebGL


vvvv is a well established tool for companies to meet tight deadlines with exceptional outcome in the world of interactive media applications . We have seen as well a trend towards game-like and graphic intensive installation that led to the implementation of many game-engine related features and a powerful shader library in vvvv.
By using generative and procedural design methods we are able to pre-produce huge isometric game worlds and thousands of generative creatures, characters, vehicles and items.


vvvv.js is relatively new. It is an adoption of vvvv’s programming principles with Javascript and WebGL. We have successfully build performant mobile apps with it using cross-platform publishing frameworks like Cocoon. And it runs natively in the browser. Deploying it as desktop applications is also possible.


Once we get all the assets and data layers for our isometric world from vvvv into vvvv.js, we are able to apply basic game mechanics, character development and story progression.


About David Gann

David Gann is a artist, developer and designer who has been working with vvvv all around the world. Since 2015 he runs the creative innovation Studio 000.graphics.
Academically coming from a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences and a Master Degree in Interface Cultures, David is mainly researching into generative design processes in the field of human-computer interaction and computer graphics. The resulting works are often inspired by systems from natural sciences.