Intro to GLSL programming in TouchDesigner


Stanislav Glazov. Licht.Pfad Studio, CEO, musician, visual artist. Berlin.

TouchDesigner is one of the most powerful tools for creating the real-time media content. Furthermore its also based on procedural 3D engine of Houdini.

So then you start to learn TouchDesigner, first thing you will like – how visual it is and how simple is the process of creation of 3D scenes.

But after some moment you tasks becomes more advanced you will understand that you have to start learn programing also if you are an artists without any idea how to deal with it. So you have to pluck up courage and start to learn GLSL – gpu`s shader programming language. In the same moment all documentation you will find in internet is very limited especially oriented on TouchDesigner interpretation of GLSL.


Target of my presentation is to introduce your in short time, how to start with GLSL and show you the fantastic possibilities it gives you:

From photorealistic rendering techniques, raymarching and volumetric rendering, till generation of geometry on render stage and NPR.


Stanislav Glazov.

Stas’ work includes over 15th years history of VFX production using programming (Maya API, Python, Houdini) Behind the artist’s shoulders the projects for clients such as Bayer, MSD, SILA SVETA, onformative, WHITEvoid interactive art & design, Periskop Art Group, ARMA17, Monasterio and Katerholzig.
Currently, Stanislav is the CEO of Licht.Pfad Studio (based in Berlin) specialized in generative design solutions, interactive installations and light shows, video mapping, sound design/production, motion graphics and software development.
Stanislav actively engaged in projects at the field of education from 2007. Now he started in Berlin the new cultural platform with target to build a community and organize a different events for education focused on audio–visual technologies.