Don’t Be a Square: On Topic of Pixel Art


Arvydas Brazdeikis,  2D Artist at Game Insight

Pixel Art – the trendy technique of low-resolution digital art.
The archaic method witnessed a revival in the most recent years and is especially popular now among the young, aspiring game developers. Countless people of my generation who are passionate about video games, its culture and history are diving deep into the world of game development with pixels being their starting point.


But the technique is not starting from scratch – its history spans almost 40 years and is full of colorful titles for various platforms from the earliest home consoles to the modern handheld devices.


The heritage is rich and the skills are varied, but what are the fields of its application besides the 80s and 90s nostalgia trips? Is it just for the newbies or can we make more with the limited set of tools? How to use the technical constraints to our advantage and create high quality content going beyond the typical media pixels are associated with?


I welcome you to explore these and many other topics, including the rules and restrictions of pixel art, best practices, tips and the learning potential of the technique.


Arvydas Brazdeikis

My name is Arvydas and I am a 2D and pixel artist, UI designer, short film director and avid gamer since the age of 6. I’ve been in the gaming industry for 4 years and had a chance to work on services for AAA franchises like Dragon Age, Mass Effect and League of Legends (at Sperasoft). I also took part in the independent productions like the film studio sim Movie Industry (Rhapsody Games) and the horror adventure The Long Reach (TRL_team) among others. I am currently working as a 2D artist at Game Insight. My usual topics concern specific techniques of design and art in video games.