CaronteFX: high-quality physics for Unity.


Ignacio Vargas, CTO at Next Limit Technologies and director of the CaronteFX project.

During the presentation Ignacio will demonstrate the main characteristics of this new technology and also will comment about the interesting collaboration side by side with Unity to create the physics involved in the Adam demo presented at GDC 2016.


CaronteFX is a highly integrated physically based animation tool Editor Extension for Unity. It aims at providing the necessary tools to create high quality off-line cinematics that can be played later during the game. It is compatible with Unity 5 and is available in both FREE and PRO versions. It will be soon also available for Unreal engine.


CaronteFX core technology includes the ability to simulate with high accuracy: rigid bodies, soft bodies, plastic deformation, joints, servos, ropes, clothes, fragile fracture, etc.


CaronteFX is developed by Next Limit Technologies; developers of the RealFlow and Maxwell render technologies that have been successfully used to create animations for film, advertising, video games, and more.




Ignacio Vargas

Ignacio Vargas is the CTO and co-founder of Next Limit Technologies. In 2008, he was one of the co-awardees of the “Technical Achievement Award” (a “Technical Oscar”) from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the creation of RealFlow.