Thinking visually: How to carry your vision through a studio pipeline

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Jurijus Chitrovas (digital artist) & Anthony Z James (creative director). Goodname. Vilnius & London.

Our presentation will focus on the creative workflow used in a digital art studio providing high quality visual development for advertising and entertainment industries.

It requires a great deal of communication between a number of people, sometimes in different countries or even time zones, to maintain the singular vision between the initial client brief to the final delivery and we will discuss the ways we make sure it doesn’t get lost in the process.

Whether we are handling post apocalyptic monstrosities or fashion celebrities, there is always a method to our madness.

We will discuss the following topics:

° communication between teams in different countries,
° choosing an appropriate style to meet the client’s needs,
° assigning jobs within the studio and choosing the right tools,
° achieving a uniform look between different artists in the team,
° ways to make sure the delivery always meets that crazy deadline,
° maintaining focus and avoiding getting overwhelmed by your tasks,
° staying creative and motivated in a tough business-driven environment.

This speech will interest potential clients and industry professionals by introducing a constructive behind-the-scenes view of the visual development creative process and all the effective ways to deal with the difficulties that come with it.


 jurijus chitrovas  profile photo

Jurijus Chitrovas.

Prior to my acceptance to the studio I have worked in a logistics company by colouring excel sheets. Not the most exciting job out there. Every spare minute went into doodling. After some years of avoiding social life and superiors at work i have managed to join Goodname.



Anthony Z James profile photo

Anthony Z James.

Сreative director at Goodname Studio and managing director at Anthony Z Studio, managing the client side of the visual development services for advertising and entertainment industries.