Rules violated: Unity vision on rendering future.


Aras Pranckevičius, Rendering Plumber at Unity Technologies.

Aras will enlighten some mystic details on  the release of Adam, an impressive new real-time demo that has been getting a lot of coverage at GDC 2016.

Going beyond technical features there will be some not-discussed-before topics about Unity vision on the whole rendering paradigm – what will be the future of “creating images”?

Adam  shows off a lot of things that people don’t normally associate with Unity, including some fairly complex lighting and post-processing effects, volumetric fog – and towards the end, an extensive crowd scene.

Does Adam tell us about the way Unity games will look in future? Or it is  far above “game engine” presentation?

This short movie also makes extensive use of the high fidelity physics simulation tool CaronteFX, which will be also presented by Next Limit side-by-side with Unity presentation.

And you can know even more asking the questions which will never be replied on web…


Aras Pranckevičius: I do anything that is needed, mostly in graphics area. Rendering code, shaders, optimizations, platform specific code, documentation, doing presentations, educating/supporting the customers, fighting driver bugs, creating my own bugs and fixing them, bitching about stuff; you get the idea.