FrostFX: creating digital liquids for commercials


Marko Post, Andres Kluge, Martin Turu, FrostFX, Tallinn.

For many years digital liquids has been excellent technique for storytelling and with increasing options in computing power there are more and more possibilities to achieve even more realistic results.


FrostFX will talk about their digital tabletop pipeline in creating digital liquid for commercials. They will cover how to overcome limitations in most popular liquid engines (Houdini and Realflow) and how to use GPU render engines for high-density geometry to get best results.


FrostFX is an animation and visual effects company with office in Europe, Estonia. The company is known for its exceptional experience in fluid simulation used in various fluid effects like water and fire. The company works mainly in feature films and commercials, and offers VFX, 3D animated features and post-production services.


Marko Post – FrostFX Co-founder
He started as a supervisor and has became visionary leader who has pushed Estonian VFX industry to international level. He hunts challenges accompanied by VFX field development and has great sense how to turn every obstacle to unique strenght.’



Andres Kluge – FrostFX Co-founder
Has been a supervisor in over 100 commercials and film productions in the last 10 years and has gained experience in working with artists and freelancers all over the world. He has been working with Coca-cola, Burger King, Carlsberg etc. Andres’s passion for digital liquids has been great inspiration for young talent.



Martin Turu – FrostFX Lighting artist
Martin is young and upcoming talent who started working on great projects with serious challenges soon after joining FrostFX. He has eye for detail and restless soul in mastering art of CG.