MARI 3: the perfect fit for the most challenging VFX, animation or games production


Martin Mayer. Creative Specialist. The Foundry. London

MARI 3, the newest version of its industry-leading 3D paint package. Ideal for texturing and look-development artists in the VFX, animation and games industries, MARI 3 combines productivity-enhancing features with broader and tighter pipeline integration. This includes an exposed node graph for advanced users and integration with the rendering and baking capabilities of MODO, The Foundry’s 3D content creation solution.


MARI 3 brings support for widely-used shaders such as Unreal, as well as for OpenSubdiv geometry. Within the games market, more AAA and indie game developers have adopted MARI to create the cinematic-quality characters and experiences required in today’s most successful games.


For visual effects artists, MARI 3 delivers creative tools that provide the performance, power and quality that the creation of today’s high-resolution assets require. Prior to MARI, 3D paint solutions could only handle a small handful of textures at one time. Now, with MARI, artists can create and edit thousands of high-resolution textures, freeing them to concentrate on their art rather than technical details. MARI just  lets artists push their artistic imagination.


Martin Mayer is creative specialist from The Foundry, London.