Motion capture for indie game developers


Imantas Maciukevičius. 3D Artist. Autodesk and Chaos Group instructor. Vilnius.

A big part in the indie game development is to manage how to create games „on the cheap“ because small studios don’t have deep pockets. Indie games usually have budgets of a few thousands, while AAA games have budgets that easily go over couple million dollars.


Studios usually have two major options: either spend many months keyframe-animation of all the characters, or using motion capture. However, the problem with the most motion capture systems is the price, and this is where Microsoft Kinect fits the indie way perfectly. Let’s see how to get best from it!


Imantas is motivated and passionate 3D Artist as well as Autodesk and ChaosGroup instructor with a proven ability to develop high quality animations, 3D models as well as having a solid understanding of game art, visual effects and processes.