VR & AR as most efficient tools for future prototyping & future-experience.


Monika Bielskyte. Strategic Consultant & Creative Director. Paris.

Building an entertainment franchise in the 21st century is a connected, collaborative network project. Bringing real world arts and technology into fiction in order to create a vision is so compelling that it bleeds back into the real world rendering the futures we are currently barely allowing ourselves to imagine.

VR (Virtual Reality) & AR(Augmented Reality) are the most efficient tools for future prototyping & future-experience.

Fan fiction & crowdsourcing are an inherent part of future creative process.

Let’s go for it, future is here!


Monika Bielskyte is a creative, marketing & business strategy advisor working in the intersection of culture, design, entertainment & technology. Most of her recent work has a specific focus on VR/AR business & content development, multi-platform storytelling & future prototyping. Currently building new digital platform for future thinking AFE MEDIA.