Moving your game ass[ets] to Vilnius. The experience.


Sergey Klimov. Founder & Managing Director at Charlie Oscar. Vilnius.

There’s no singular feature of Vilnius that would make it the place to be, but there’s a ton of aspects like ecology and the mix of cultures and the beautiful architecture, that make for a combination that’s extremely conductive to creative business, especially in interactive entertainment.


Also, the key point that I need to bring up is whether or not Vilnius lived up to the expectations of being “the bridge” for the games industry, i.e. a place where you can access both the West and the East in order to produce more ambitious projects.

The short answer is that yes, it does.

And I will tell you why by sharing personal experience of moving Charlie Oscar to Vilnius and making game business there for last 14 months.


Sergey Klimov. Co-founder of Snowball Studios, one of the first game developers and publishers in Russia. Co-founder of Snowberry Connection, the first Russia-based indie games production fund. Founder of Charlie Oscar, Vilnius-based team of games industry professionals creating & releasing original entertainment properties. Most likely will create more companies in the future