Building interactive installations with vvvv.


Anton Mezhiborskiy. vvvv-group. Berlin.

vvvv is a hybrid development environment which allows you to conveniently mix visual programming with the power of c#/.net. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media installations with interactive realtime 2d/3d graphics, multi-screen setups & projection-mapping, data-visualisation & motion-graphics, physical-computing & computer-vision that can interact with many users simultaneously.

vvvv comes with a huge library of largely open-source, user-contributed building blocks that allow you to easily create tools according to your specific project’s needs.

The presentation will start with a short overview of projects realized with vvvv and will then move on to show how to build an interactive demo from scratch.


Anton Mezhiborskiy likes when code  drives images. He believes that even the most complicated things in the world can be explained easily when drawn and animated. After years of working as a designer and a visual programmer for various big names he has joined the vvvv-group to develop documentation and tutorials.