Caronte FX for Unity by Next Limit Technologies: first public presentation!


Ignacio Vargas. Head of Future Projects and Co-founder. Next Limit Technologies. Madrid.

We are very proud to present really easy to use and intuitive integration of the CaronteFX physics engine as a Editor Extension into Unity 3D. Caronte is high quality physics kinematis for everyone’s game and the most accurate physics solver in the CG market.


It is an interactive library (although not yet real-time) which can handle very complex contact situations, engines, servos, hinges, joints, dynamic chopping and fracture, soft bodies, ropes, mechanisms, explosions, etc. At the moment we present the connection Caronte plugin for Unity 5.



Ignacio Vargas is the Head of Future Projects and co-founder of Next Limit Technologies. In 2008, he was one of the co-awardees of the “Technical Achievement Award” (a “Technical Oscar”) from the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the creation of RealFlow. He is the proud recipient of many other awards, including the Double IST Award (Information Society of Technology-Europe) and the “Segundo de Chomón”, the technical award from the Spanish Film Academy.