Illusion of Grandue


Alex Prihodko, Vadim Konov, Kiev, Cinnamon VFX

Whatever you’re working on, you need a lot of background preparation, like roto, paint, matchmoving. You don’t need to do everything yourself and can tranfer most unfavorite part of work outside. We can help your team to grow in minutes and make “real” effects. During our workshop we can show you what we do, how we make it and how we can help you.


Cinnamon VFX is a VFX facility based in Kiev, Ukraine. It delivers commercials, visual effects for feature films and post-production for digital media in most parts of the world. Finding, training and nurturing the most talented artist, creative, technical and production teams in the industry.



Alex Prihodko, Vadim Konov are founders and VFX supervisors at Cinnamon VFX.