A Dream team for concept art


Virginie Bourdin. VFX Art Director and Consultant, The Art of Direction Ltd.

Virginie will be talking from an art direction point of view about concept art team creation. She will also present the goals behind the Seeds Blowers documentary project and the Art of Direction advisory services as the 2 halves of a same creative ecosystem.


Virginie has been the MPC VFX art director for 10 years and has made the VFX concept artist an official job title. She worked for over 30 movies with concept artists and VFX artists from pitch to post production, such as CINDERELLA, XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE AND PAST, GARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, THE EDGE OF TOMORROW, HARRY POTTER 8, 7 , DARK SHADOW, PROMETHEUS, MAN OF STEEL, NARNIA 2 and 3, THE DA VINCI CODE, THE GOLDEN COMPASS
To keep feeding her passion which became her job, she launched this year The Art of Direction, a preproduction advisory services company for VFX houses and film productions. At the same time as part of a long time personal project development, she dedicates her time to the Seed Blowers, a series of video portraits aimed at revealing talented artists and their creative processes.