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Finding a qualified professional is sometimes as difficult as finding a relevant and interesting job, especially when it comes to things like the gaming industry. But we’re happy to share some good news with you: From now on all the latest job offers will be published directly on our site so you can keep your finger on the pulse!

Are you looking for your dream job? Now you have one more reason to visit our site more often. The new Jobs menu includes all the most interesting job offers on the market. All you need to do is just filling out the search parameters.


If you are an employer and are tired of wasting time and resources on irrelevant candidates, our site will help you to find the best talent.  Just place your job offer including the industry, competence of desired candidates and position in the company, and you’ll find your target audience in no time.

This project is developed together with Staya, a new IT recruitment platform that allows you to target vacancies for a specific audience.