2D-Contest: Wide Frame Composition. Main prize – LG 29″ UltraWide® Monitor!


Goodname Studio.

This year we introduce  2D:Contest supported  Goodname Studio and LG. Main prize –  wide 29″ LG monitor. Details here:

Contest subject is “Wide Frame Composition”.

All you need is to go to Goodname Studio stand, wait for working seat and then create picture corresponding to “Wide Frame Composition” subject.

You will be given some draft compositions and you will need to finish one of them in any style and manner.  You will have about 30 minutes, wide-monitor configuration and can use Photoshop and stylus to create images.  You can do it at any time till 18:00. Results and winner will be announced on the closing ceremony at the and of the day and prize will be given on stage. Main criteria will  be not only painting skils but also sense of humour, ideas, expression.

 Main Prize: 29″ Class 21:9 UltraWide® Full HD IPS LED Monitor


There will be also a lot of painting activities on the Goodname Studio stand at the main lobby including character design, sketching and many more. More details on the conference…