Previz and Concept-art as a Best Friend in Modern Beta Crowdfunding Edge

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Marcin Rubinkowski. Freelance Senior Concept Artist and illustrator

In our times where more often project is given to the audience for check and buy in deep beta stage, important is to convince audience that our stuff is worth they money.

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Mostly user is not buying full project, but pre-visualisation of it and investing only in idea, and even here in that stage of the pipeline, there must be something more interesting than pure 3Dpacman without the visuals and we must convince audience that we already have it, without have it…tricky isn’t it ?

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Marcin Rubinkowski

Writer in flagship 3Dtotal Digital Painting educational books, awarded by Hollywood’s Gnomon VFX School, CGsociety and Wacom.
Freelance Senior Concept Artist and illustrator, active mostly in Movie and Game industry. Addicted to Passion, specialize in Environmental Design. Originally born in Poland.

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