Building Projection Mapping Tools with vvvv


Anton Mezhiborskiy. vvvv-group. Berlin.

In this talk I’ll squeeze live demos of vvvv-made tools targeted at real-time projection mapping: video effects and compositing, homography based mapping, re-projection based mapping, projector calibration, working with point and curve-editors for animation and more.

vvvv is a hybrid development environment which allows you to conveniently mix visual programming with the power of c#/.net and gpu-programming via hlsl.

With vvvv you can build your very own tools and the huge library of largely open-source, user-contributed building blocks backs you up.


Anton Mezhiborskiy likes when code  drives images. He believes that even the most complicated things in the world can be explained easily when drawn and animated. After years of working as a designer and a visual programmer for various big names he has joined the vvvv-group to develop documentation and tutorials.