Positive animation – how to find fulfilment in creating films for kids?


Robert Jaszczurowski. Grupa Smacznego, producer, director, co-owner. Gdansk

For most our young and extremely talented artists animation is a way to express their artistic visions. But animation studio like ours is a place were we create entertainment for children.


It is crucial for animation artist especially those who want to work on series, that our target is not themselves or group of their friends. Animation is entertaining mainly for kids. How to make the team believe that’s the way we can make art? Positive animation, brighter colour palette can’t harm you! But it can make some children laugh!


Robert Jaszczurowski

During 17 years of his career in the animation industry, Robert gained experience in directing animation, creating layouts, backgrounds, characters’ design. Since 2009 he acts as a creative producer with the most important project, TV series “Mami Fatale“. Robert is an active member of Polish Filmmakers Association and co-founder and board member of the Polish Animation Producers Association. Currently working on many projects including: “Basia” and “Grand Banda” TV series, as well as “Mice on Strike” feature and developing his company’s brand new YouTube channel with preschool content – Toon Balloon.

Grupa Smacznego is a studio and production company founded in 2004, run by three creative co-owners: Robert Jaszczurowski, Lukasz Kacprowicz and Marcin Wasliewski, hiring the team of talented animators, graphic artists and programmers.

We made our debut on international market in 2008 as the creators of „Harry and Toto” TV series co-produced with Handle&Spout for BBC Worldwide. The series has been distributed around the world and it is popular on TV channels targeting preschool audience (especially Cbeebies in many countries).
After „Harry and Toto” we’ve been developing our own ideas for TV shows for children, showing up on international events focusing on animation and multiplatform products for children, including MIFA, Annecy, MIP Junior, Cartoon Forum and others, promoting our productions, networking and searching for co-producers and financiers.

In 2011 we started working on our original series „Granny, Butch and Waffles”, together with our Polish partner Studio Miniatur Filmowych. The series was co-financed by Polish Film Institute and until now we completed two seasons of 13 episodes each, which are now on sale and being distributed all over the world (e.g. Finland, Argentina, Russia etc.). We are currently in production with the 3rd season.

At the moment we’re in production with the first season of our new preschool series “Basia” (13 episodes). We are also working on our new feature animation project in development – “Mice on Strike” and two TV series in development “Grand Banda” and “Sebastiana & Bach”.

One of our shorts called “Lost Senses” won Siggraph 2013 Jury Award.