Framestore Canada: Making VFX for PAN Movie


Vladislav Akhtyrskiy. Compositing Supervisor at Framestore Canada

I will explain how the visual effects house pulled off the exceptional challenges of creating the animation and VFX work for Warner Bros’ latest blockbuster fantasy adventure: Pan.

Framestore’s sequences included some very complex work, including “digital double work, stuntwork, crowds, creatures, mermaids, flying galleons, and lots of volume effects like water and clouds. “


In this presentaion I will cover all aspects of development and VFX production for the movie with special accent to the most “practical” part of VFX-production: Compositing.
Compositing is always about “save time, go fast” – I will show how to save ages with proper compositing tricks.
As a Compositing Supervisor I will talk a bit more about our main composition tool – TheFounfry NUKE
It will be some useful features that I love personally as well as common working horses
In addition to features there will be some practical examples:
Some interesting developments of crowd in Nuke for trailer version.
Reprojections, templates, some custom developments in Nuke.


Vladislav Akhtyrskiy. Compositing Supervisor at Framestore Canada.


2015 Pan (compositing supervisor: Framestore)
2014 Dracula Untold (compositing supervisor: Framestore)
2014 Edge of Tomorrow (compositing supervisor: Framestore)
2013 Gravity (lead compositor: Framestore)
2013 Iron Man 3 (compositor: Framestore)
2012 John Carter (compositor: Cinesite)
2010 Marmaduke (compositor: Cinesite)
2010 Robin Hood (digital compositor)