Motion Graphics in Gam Dev


Ilya Kastenka.  Motion Designer at Marketing Creative Services, Wargaming

What is the purpose of motion design in the game developmeny company? How motion design is connected with gamedev technologies? How to build effective pipeline and use game data for creating motion design projects. What kind of software is most suited for making motion graphics?

General information about our department, pipelines and projects. A lot of portfolio shoots, videos and  pictures.



  1. Representation / reel
  2. General need of Game Dev Company in motion graphics
  3. WG motion design department structure
  4. Types of projects
  5. Typical pipelines.
  6. Software and hardware.
  7. Questions

 Avatar_Ilya Kostenko

 Ilya Kastenka.  Motion Designer at Marketing Creative Services, Wargaming. He is working  for Wargaming for 4 years  and spent more than 5 years in general CG.