PixalArt: Using modern software for old school pixel animation (TV Paint and Photoshop)

 Poster_Costa Nalobin

Costa Nalobin. Animator/Motion Designer at Marketing Creative Services, Wargaming

How to create sprites for pixel game using modern software and classical approach. The masterclass will be interesting for video games designers and all the pixel lovers.

  1. Pros and cons of classical approach in pixel-art animation: why not to use cut out animation?
  2. What is TV Paint?
  3. Masterclass: creating a sprite realtime using TV Paint for animation.
  4. Planning the scene: thumbnails and key frames.
  5. Creating a movement: extremes, breakouts and in-betweens.
  6. Looping the sprite: tips and tricks.
  7. Timing and spacing: tuning the animation
  8. Making the animation pixel art: how to post the animation in Photoshop.



 Avatar_Costa Nalobin

Costa Nalobin works as character designer and animator at yet to be released Wargaming pixel art animated project “8-bit tales”. You may know his last year CG Event Moscow presentation “How to survive a pixel art cartoon”. He would like to share his experience in creating old school sprites using modern software.