Houdini: Case study. Wargaming pipeline


Nikolay Skolkov. R&D/FX Artist at Marketing Creative Services, Wargaming

Finding a better pipeline is the one of the most important issues for a studio. This presentation describes how we came to develop our current pipeline. Would we have managed to build it if we didn’t have Houdini at our disposal?What benefits did Houdini grant us and how did we use them? Here are some technical details and a glance from the user’s point of view.


 Avatar_Nikolay Skolkov 

Nikolay Skolkov has been working with Houdini for more than 5 years. Having started as a freelance CG Generalist, he joined the Wargaming team, where he works as an R&D/FX Artist. He focuses on the procedural and dynamic aspects of Houdini.