Redshift render and freelaner pipeline: GPU-rendering as life saver


Dmitry Varlamov, FХ-artist, freelancer, Riga.

There is a lot of fuss about GPU-rendering, but many professianals are still kind of skeptical about this technology. We will destroy all doubts with examples of 2-years experience of using Redshift render engine.

If you are interesting in to make your renderigs faster & cheaper but keep the quality high – this presentation is for you.


There will be examples of pipeline integration with Maya and Houdini.


Also we will talk about pro and contras of Redshift (but we consider Redshift as one big pro!)


And we will finish with Latvian freelance market review and how we use GPU-rendering to be competitive.

The plan is:

1. Inro.
2. What is Redshift?!
3. Pro and Contras, limitations and advantages.
4. Hardware and software requirements.
5. Rendering examples and making offs.
6. Licenses, finances and how to save money on rendering.
7. Future perspectives.
8. Q&A.


Dmitry Harlamov, FХ artist, freelancer from Riga with 18-years CG-experience. He worked for Vilks Postproduction, Bazelevs, “Skybound” Universal, “Belka & Strelka” and various ads and misic videos.