Small Business, Big Projects, Tight Deadlines – Cinema 4D to the rescue!


Günter Nikodim, freelancing artist, Austria

In this speech, Günter Nikodim will allow some insight into the process of creating complicated projects with very small teams, and the function of Cinema 4D in a 3D and compositing pipeline. Besides addressing challenging tasks, he will also show some useful tips & tricks for the day by day work in Cinema 4D.

He will show Cinema 4D’s character animation tools and they where used on commercials for M&M’s and Kelly’s and the short film „Hooked“.


Furthermore, Cinema 4D proved to be a perfect tool for Matte painting as well as for dynamic simulations in Austrian movies such as „Falco“ and “Bad Fucking”.


For the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 which took place in Austria, a total of 40 time lapse shots had to be tracked and composed – a task which has been mastered with Cinema 4D’s new camera tracking functionality.


Cinema 4D turned out to be one of the key tools he relies on in his pipeline – for various tasks like modeling, rigging, tracking, simulations, rendering and more.



Günter Nikodim studied Media Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, Lower Austria. After graduating in 2007, he specialized in 3D animation, VFX and compositing. He has done different kinds of digital effects for various projects, from commercials to feature films. Currently he is working as a freelancing artist.